You know what “the lesser of two evils is? LESS EVIL.

I hesitate to use the phrase “lesser of two evils” because there is NOTHING EVIL about Donald Trump. Not. A. Damn. Thing. His biggest crime is that he wants to stop the globalization of our country – and there are many powerful people who want to stop him.

Donald Trump’s past is an open book. The Media portrays him as a Racist. There is ZERO evidence of this and much to the contrary. Every time I ask someone to give me one Racist quote or deed from Donald Trump, they can’t. They are simply parroting what they read and hear from the biased left wing media. Wanting to uphold our laws and protect our borders is not RACIST. Wanting to create a culture where we all Americans and not Black Americans or Hispanic Americans is not racist.

The Liberal media has an agenda. Their owners are part of the Globalist Elites. Trump is not part of their agenda so they are on a mission to discredit every word he says. Hillary is part of their agenda. Every time I ask someone to give me just one example of a real accomplishment of Ms. Clinton, I get a blank stare. There aren’t any – but so many failures, even the Liberal media can’t hide all of them! They do manage to hide a large amount of them.

My question to you is – Do you understand what the Globalist mission is? Do you understand that they want a One World Government? This would mean we lose all of our rights as American citizens, including free speech? Once this is done, there is NO going back.

The Globalist Agenda is not being pushed by Democrats or Republicans – it’s BOTH. In fact, the Bush Presidents (both of them) were openly pushing it. This is not about Left wing vs. Right wing values. It’s about money and power on BOTH sides.

If you think a global government is a good thing for everyone, think again. We would have no borders and no country. We would also lose any unique culture and history we ever had as the United States. The Christian-Judeo society we base our culture on will be a thing of the past. Our religion, if any, would be dictated to us – globally. It could very well be Islam and Sharia Law. If you don’t have any religious beliefs, you would still be forced to live under sharia law. The influx of Muslim refugees all over the world certainly indicates this may be the case. Our culture will be dictated to us based on what the Global dictators think it should be. We will have NO say in this.

The days of working toward goals and dreams would be over. There would be two classes – the Elites that make the laws and the slave class that follow those laws (that’s most of us). We would be told where we will work and how we will think. We would be working for the “betterment of the world” and not a paycheck. Everything we need – food, shelter, healthcare – would be provided by the world government. We would not be ALLOWED to want anything else.

The argument that a Global Government would stop all wars does not stand up to scrutiny. For starters, I don’t think they are considering the Civil unrest this would create everywhere. Look at what’s going on in Europe right now. Sure, there are no Nukes involved, but the PEOPLE ARE MISERABLE! You cannot put culturally opposing people together and expect them to work it out.

If you think all of this is a good idea and will benefit you and you grandchildren over the long haul, vote for Hillary Clinton. There is nothing she would love more than to be the North American Union Dictator. In fact, she’s counting on it.

If you think you have other (third party) options in this election, you are delusional. I think you probably already know that. This is NOT the year for protest votes because you just can’t choose between the two real candidates.

If Hillary is elected, it may very well be the last election you ever have the chance to vote in. That’s right, the global agenda is pushing forward at unprecedented speed. Obama has put it in high gear. Hillary may actually get it implemented.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump wants to stop the One World Global Government from taking hold. He wants to keep the United States and the rest of the world free to make their own choices based on the will of the people.

You have nothing to lose. How easy do you think it would be to impeach a President Trump? Considering how threatened our elite government is by him, they could probably do it in a day or two. How IMPOSSIBLE would it be to impeach a President Hillary Clinton?

Are you starting to GET this?