Dear Ms. Messing

Dear Ms. Messing

December 18, 2016

Dear Ms. Messing,

I’m afraid you are sadly misinformed. President-elect Trump did not mock a disabled person just because the mainstream media said he did. I can show you videos of five instances where he made the exact same gesture. This is a gesture he uses to show frustration and other emotions.

Show me one time that he said anything racist – you can’t. Securing our borders and enforcing our laws is not racist. Keeping illegal criminals out of our country is not racist.

War crimes? Do you really want to go there if you supported Hillary Clinton? Do I need to list them? She called it “regime change”, and it killed 500,000 children.

Nobody knows better than you that we are judged by others based on our appearance before anything else. It may not be fair, but it’s human nature and it has made you very wealthy.

Racism, sexism, cruelty… name calling is what liberals do when they have lost the argument!

Bully? No – we voted for a strong man. We have had a pussy in the White House for the past eight years and you probably haven’t noticed that our country is going to shit. We did notice.

I realize that Hollywood stars think they are better and smarter than us uneducated working class people, but when Obama won two terms, we didn’t throw temper tantrums. We gave him a chance. I’m sad to say, he failed miserably and we decided it was time for leadership with a backbone. We also want some people in office who are interested in more than making back-room deals and funneling our tax dollars through the Clinton Foundation. A lot of Congress will have to go – from both parties.

You lost, so stop whining and give your new president a chance. If you would like a list of Hillary’s crimes, there are at least 12 books on Amazon about the Clintons that go into great detail with substantiated facts. Reading a few of these might help you heal and maybe put your loss into perspective.

The Deplorables